Beknown – A Monster Using Facebook To Attack LinkedIn

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I must confess to a sigh of exasperation when I saw that little purple app first appear on my Facebook page. Not another spammy dig at the Facebook recruitment space? The moment passed when I realised it was Monster, and I had to smile; finally a Job Board making a serious play at the social recruiting game.

I’ll stop from writing another review – you’ll see too many of them over the coming days, and besides, I think it’s already been done by others who have gone deeper than I would have. Here are my favourites so far, representing the supportive from Megan Biro of Talent Culture, to the critical by Josh Constine of InsideFacebook, to perhaps the most balanced by David Manaster of ERE Media

My instinct tells me BeKnown has a chance; tech + cash + reach is a pretty powerful combination; mix that in with genuine recruitment know-how, then you have a formidable proposition on your hands.

Whilst it won’t rock LinkedIn, it might well head off any attempt the Californian giant might have had in expanding beyond it’s white collar, professionally experienced, University educated base. It will almost certainly be a major rival for the early pioneer of Facebook professional networkingBranchOut, who might themselves have been the headline act this month for their incredible traffic increase over the past month, were it not for the uncanny – yet surely coincidental – timing of BeKnown’s launch this weekend.

Whatever the ultimate outcome, the Facebook recruitment market will be supercharged by this move and we can expect more efforts from companies like Identified to follow. It’s been long overdue; there has long been an entire demographic untouched by LinkedIn that has probably been aware that they should be using their social networks to help them find job opportunities but have just not been sure on how. Apps like BeKnown will show them the how.

So watch this video, add the app and have a go for yourself. Be you a Jobseeker, Recruiter or HR, you probably will do sooner rather later.

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  • Stuart Folley July 11, 2011

    Hi Hung,

    I’ll do just that! Off to check Beknown I am… I’ll check the others you mentioned also. I’d be interested to hear from those who have utilised FB ads and discover if there is a tangible recruitment reach – anyone?


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